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Canadian Citizenship services

Do you want to apply for Canadian Citizenship?

Requirements for Canadian Citizenship include a minimum of three years of permanent residency, as well as requirements relating to language and residency. If you do not submit appropriate proof that you have met the residence requirements or have adequate knowledge of English or French, IRCC can return your request as incomplete. Therefore, considering the long processing times of the application, it is important to prevent any errors that can cause more delays or rejections in certain cases.

The final step will be to take the Canadian citizenship exam after you submit your application for citizenship. You will receive an invitation to a citizenship ceremony until you pass the test, and you are accepted as a Canadian citizen.

You have to meet many IRCC requirements before you submit a Canadian citizenship application, and if you fail to do so, your application can be deemed incomplete.

At NorthPass Immigration Services, we will assist you in providing ample evidence and efficiently filling your application, we will also advise you on the citizenship exam.

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