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Canada Immigration Express Entry

The Express Entry stream is Canada’s most Common immigration selection process, it was launched in 2015 aiming for Candidates to speed up and simplify the immigration process. In just a few months, applicants who want to live in Canada will be new permanent residents under the express entry program.

The Express Entry program includes the following Categories:

  • Federal Skilled Workers
  • Federal Skilled Trades
  • Canadian Experience Class
  • Provincial Nominee Program

What are the criteria that the Express Entry program uses to evaluate my application?

Express Entry is a dynamic immigration scheme that lists all qualifying applicants and invites them to apply to be Canadian permanent residents. Candidates are ranked according to their age, education, language abilities, work experience and other considerations.

Applicants collect their CRS (Comprehensive Ranking system) points and, if eligible, receive an invitation to apply (ITA) for the Permanent Residency.

What are the minimum requirements for Express Entry?

Eligibility criteria vary with each Express Entry-aligned programme, nevertheless, all applicants must have a minimum of one year of professional working experience and a certain level of language test skills and an assessment from an authorised Canadian institute for your educational credentials.

How does Express Entry work?

Express Entry Immigration is a two-step process:

Step 1

Potential candidates complete their profile online in an electronic tool. Their profile will include information about their skills, job experience, linguistic skills and adaptability. If Candidates satisfy the conditions of the above-mentioned federal immigration criteria, they are admitted as applicants.

step 2

Highest ranking applicants for permanent residency are invited to apply.

In a pool of candidates, the CRS ranks applicants against other candidates. Points are awarded for their profile detail. Invitations are sent to candidates with the highest rank in the pool.

How can I maximise my chances to get ITA?

There are a lot of factors affecting your CRS score including:

  • Your language proficiency in English and/or french
  • Education level
  • Blood relative residing in Canada
  • Canadian Work experience or education in Canada
  • Job offer from Canadian Employer
  • Nomination from a Canadian Province

How long will my application stay in the pool?

If an applicant does not receive an ITA , his profile expires after 12 months and then you will be welcome to submit a new profile.

How long does the Express Entry process take?

From the submission of the Express Entry profile to the issuance of a permanent resident visa, Express Entry can take as little as six months to process. Not all cases will proceed this easily, but the process usually takes the following route:

  • Your profile is valid for 12 months in the Express Entry pool
  • Once you receive your ITA, you will have 90 days to submit all documentation supporting your profile
  • Upon receipt of your full application by the immigration authorities, your permanent resident visa should be approved within six months

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