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Canada Family Sponsorship Visa

Canada offers Family Class immigration category that provides Canadian citizens and permanent residents with a chance to sponsor their family. This family member can be their parents, grandparents, spouse, Common law partner, conjugal partner or dependant child. You can also sponsor other family members if they fit the criteria set by the RICC.

Not only do sponsored family members become permanent citizens of Canada, they also enjoy all the benefits of a Canadian PR. These involve the freedom to live and work in Canada without restriction on location as well as access to Publicly-funded health care and other services. The sponsored family members eventually become Canadian Citizens when they meet the eligibility criteria. Around 21,000 sponsored family members acquire Canadian PR every year under the government of Canada’s multi-year immigration plan.

What are the Criteria to sponsor a family member?

The sponsor of the Family class Program must either be a Canadian Citizen or a permanent resident of Canada. They should meet a certain income requirement, and be able to support the sponsored person and their dependants financially. A sponsorship agreement must be signed between the sponsor and the sponsored person that commits the former to provide financial support to the latter for three to twenty years, based on how old they are and their relation to the sponsor.

You might not be able to sponsor your family if you:

  • Are or have been in prison
  • Are or have been subject to a removal order
  • Have declared bankruptcy
  • Are receiving social assistance from the Canadian government except for disability
  • Are or have been convicted of an offense of a violent or sexual nature that might have resulted in bodily harm to a family member
  • Are in default of child support payments
  • Are in default of paying back your immigration loans or a performance bond
  • Haven’t been able to meet the requirements while sponsoring a family member in the past
  • Your spouse or conjugal partner who you have sponsored previously has not been a permanent resident for more than 3 years
  • Are sponsored yourself and have become a permanent resident less than 5 years ago

Income Requirements:

To sponsor a family member, a minimum necessary income requirement for three taxation years should be met preceding the date of your application which is equal to the Low-Income Cut-offs plus 30%, with regards to the number of family members to be sponsored.

Medical Exam

The sponsored individual is required to provide the results of a medical exam conducted by a panel physician, as well as biometrics.

Police Certificates

Applicants and every family member over age 18 should submit police certificates from the country where they have lived the majority of their life, notwithstanding any country where they lived for over half a year.

Need help with the family class sponsorship program in Canada?

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Need help with the family class sponsorship program in Canada?

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